Announcing The VectorField Co-Operative Digital Content Production platform

By Ido Banai Founder/CEO Of VectorField

February 29, 2024

Announcing The VectorField Co-Operative Digital Content Production platform
Announcing The VectorField Co-Operative Digital Content Production platform

VectorField is a Co-Operative Digital Content Production Platform

VectorField was birthed from a desire to evolve work for hire for creative talent producing content.
To directly connect production artists with creatives/brands and even celebrities directly to co-produce content.
It was founded by production artists working in VFX/Game/Animation industries to offer an alternative to an extractive, unsustainable and opaque vendor business model.

We aim to replace M&E’s antiquated and extractive vendor services model with a transparent sustainable alternative model.
That is far more equitable and enables for entirely new digital asset &data reuse economies.
Putting creative talent at the center of the value chain.

With VectorField we,

  • Provide all the required infrastructure support to spin up dedicated cutting edge DCC studios in the cloud to service production needs in a scalable and elastic pay as you go service.
  • Connect brands/companies/IP owners and celebrity talent directly with a global vetted talent pool of production artists in VFX/Game/Animation industries and data/machine learning scientists with to co-produce content with.
  • Develop a fully trust-less ecosystem where everyone can work transparently while enabling for new types of digital asset and data economies, evolving both work for hire and digital content production.

Our founding team has spent over 40 years watching our respective industries grow in harmful and unsustainable ways as the vendor studios we sacrificed so much to help build closed and shut down again and again.
Often with our fellow production artists shouldering most negative impacts when a studio finally shuts down.

We firmly believe there is a better way for all of us to collectively organize and do work together in the 21st century.

We believe production should be transparent about who works on it, how much they get paid, and what they actually did.
We are building VectorField to do just that, and much more to provide creatives with ways to monetize of their colossal painstaking creative endeavors of making content.

We believe everyone should get paid for their time, hourly, plus overtime.
Gain equity in the IP they help produce
Get compensated for the use of their data
And gain equity in the very studios that they work in.

Join us in this journey to evolve work for hire and digital content production.


"VectorField was born from a desire to empower artists with a better way to work in production."

Ido Banai, CEO/Founder

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